Nora | Fort Saskatchewan Newborn Photographer

Oh, that moment your world becomes bigger than you ever imagined.

As a photographer, I don't aim to capture smiles. I mean, I do, but what I am really seeking to capture is connection. This is why I photograph families. There is little I find more rewarding than creating an image that speaks for a moment that words could never describe. 

It is in the way new parents stare longingly at their newborn baby, as much in love as they are in awe. It is in the smiles they can't wipe off their faces, they way they embrace their baby and each other with an ethereal tenderness and kind of higher love. These first days are inexplicably emotional and magical. They are also heartbreakingly fleeting. 

It is such joy to be able to freeze these days for parents because I know (all too well) that they soon will be simply a fuzzy, beautiful haze.

Congratulations, Jenn & Gavin, on your perfect girl. Soak up every moment. 

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